Home Modification for Elderly Disabled NJ

Home Modifications for Elderly NJ can range from simple changes, such as replacing door knobs with handles, to major structural projects, such as installing a wheelchair ramp.

As people age, even climbing stairs or getting into a bathtub can be a dangerous experience. Without special adjustments to accommodate changing needs, comfortable, family homes can become death traps.

  • Home Modifications for Elderly in New Jersey will make your garden not require much physical work to keep up.
  • Green gardens filled with fast-growing plants should be replaced with something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, such as a rock garden, edible food, native grasses, and easy-to-maintain flowers, shrubs, and trees. The exterior of the home should be something that doesn’t require a lot of paint to maintain itself, like vinyl.
  • Everything you need should be on the first floor of the house, including the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. If you intend to stay home, it might be worth converting one or more first-floor rooms so you have everything you need on one floor.
  • Remodeling Contractors for Elderly NJ design your hallways so you can accommodate a wheelchair, power chair, or walker if needed, even if you don’t use one now. Also, all hallways must have night lights so you can easily move around at night without having to reach for a light switch.
  • Keep all your necessary items on the bottom shelves so you don’t have to reach or use a stool, and avoid putting something important in the bottom drawers so you don’t have to bend. Make sure your appliances are level with your counters so you don’t have to lean over, and that the controls are easily accessible and easy to read. The kitchen should be well lit, with individual lights to illuminate specific tasks.
  • The handrails in the toilet are essential to raise and lower easily; It may also be helpful to install a tall toilet, approximately two and a half inches taller than the usual height of the toilet. Replace your tub shower with a shower that doesn’t have a threshold; Handrails around the shower and a folding seat inside the shower to wash can also be helpful. Non-slip floors are also important; avoid raised bath mats that could cause someone to trip. Like in the kitchen, lighting is important in the bathroom; make sure all areas are well lit for specific tasks.

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