Home Modification for Disabled Kids NJ

Home Modification for Disabled Kids NJ to better suit the lives of people with special needs is not an easy task. Doors may need to be widened. Thresholds may need to be level with the floor. Showers and toilets may need to be more accessible. And multi-story homes often need to be significantly reconfigured, with stair lifts or even an installed elevator. For families helping someone with physical or cognitive limitations, a special needs contractor NJ can truly be a lifesaver.

  • Lower light switches and safety keypads so your child can reach them
  • Installation of hard floors or low pile rugs to facilitate navigation.
  • Lower countertops
  • Showers or bathtubs
  • Expand corridors
  • Make bedroom closets accessible by lowering hanging bars and shelves
  • Add storage solutions for medical supplies
  • Installation of additional plugs to power medical equipment.
  • Consider installing a generator to power life support medical equipment

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  • Budget
  • Location
  • Finished!

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