ADA Home Modification Contractors

Modifying a home to better suit the lives of those with special needs is no easy task. Doors may need to be widened. Thresholds may need to be flush with the floor. Showers and toilets may need to be made more accessible. And multi-story homes often need to be reconfigured significantly, with stairway lifts or even an elevator installed. For families assisting someone with physical or cognitive limitations, a special needs contractor can truly be a lifesaver.

Caring for someone with special needs is a unique and sometimes lifelong challenge. Whether it’s a child born differently compared to his or her peers, someone who has suffered an accident or medical event that caused them to lose some abilities they once had, or an older family member in declining health who needs assistance with daily life, the work of a special needs contractor can help make things easier on both the affected individual and their caregivers.

Teamwork is an essential part of Ada Home Modifications Contractors NJ culture, guided by project managers and senior management individuals, who display outstanding commitment and personal involvement in the successful execution of our major projects. Our track record demonstrates our clear-cut ability to put our values and vision into action. Industry recognition has also validated our success, with the company receiving many awards for its construction work.

We have a specialized team of certified contractors that have experience in almost every category of construction. With over 15 years of experience, the crew has grown in size with individuals that have their certification to help us approach each job with a professional perspective.

It is crucial for us to understand our customers for successful project completion. We want to provide a high quality service with no miscommunication. Therefore, we strive to accomplish that mission by taking communication seriously. We create a detailed plan for every project proposal.  Our team of contractors are experienced carpenter, roofers, sliders, re-modelers, etc., which can understand your requirements and break down the construction process. Besides that, every member of Ada Remodeling Contractors NJ strives for perfection and customer satisfaction. Being located in New Jersey gives us the ability to provide our certified contracting services to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and other nearby states.


Bathtubs, Showers & Toilets

A handicap bathroom remodel improves safety and is a sound investment.

Removable Ramp for Wheelchair

Even out flooring or install consistent flooring throughout the home for easy access.

Stairs & Mobility in the Home

Stair lifts, glides, or additional handrails can make steps easier.

Rugs or other Flooring

Add rubber backing to rugs for a more solid floor.